Welcome to The Forgotten Goddess

Welcome to the Forgotten Goddess!  We are so excited to launch our new site on this beautiful Summer Solstice!  We wanted to use our first blog to introduce The Forgotten Goddess, tell you a little about the company and to share how this new venture came to be.


Our motto is: Inspire*Empower*Transform and we hope that the women that come to us, whether as customers, supporters or artists that will be featured on our site, will continue to grow with us and feel Inspired, Empowered and Transformed in the process!


The Forgotten Goddess is a fully branded company based on the concept of empowering women to embrace themselves as goddesses.  We offer art, posters/prints, apparel, jewelery, stationery, decor, furniture etc.  We will feature a guest gallery for women artists to show their Goddess inspired artwork, and also offer a venue for artists to submit designs that can be licensed for merchandise sold on The Forgotten Goddess.  We also support a cause – to end domestic violence, and a percentage of certain items will be donated towards that cause.


The Forgotten Goddess started with Russelle, who’s artwork you can see featured in our gallery and on many of our products.  Here’s where the name and concept for our new company came to be:


‘I got the idea for the name of my business when I was doing mostly portraits. I would deliver a portrait to a woman and she would invariably say “but you made me so beautiful.”  I would ask if it looked like her. “Well, yes” she would have to reply. On the way home one day I thought about how terrible it is that women in our culture have forgotten how beautiful they are. “The Forgotten Goddess,” I thought.’


In December Russelle called Jenni and said, I have a vision for The Forgotten Goddess to become a fully branded company and a venue for other women to grow through, but I need a business partner that can make it all happen, that can help me realize and manifest this idea… let’s build an empire! And so we put our heads together, and discussed all that we wanted The Forgotten Goddess to be, and got to work.


So, here we are 6 months later.  Welcome to our growing empire!  We’ll be adding items to our store; handcrafted jewelery, home decor items, custom furniture to create your own goddess sanctuaries, etc… as we grow.  We invite you to check out the site, help us work through any bugs, and most importantly inspire us with your suggestions, partner with us to grow together, and join us in this transformation!


Bright Solstice Blessings,


Jenni & Russelle

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