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You may not take, use, copy or distribute any image from this website without reading, understanding and complying with the following image usage terms.


All images created by The Forgotten Goddess™ and or Russelle Marcato Westbrook and Jenni Ogden, either electronic images or hardcopy images, artworks, product and web design, shown on this website or elsewhere, are ©The Forgotten Goddess™. The Forgotten Goddess™ holds all copyright and intellectual property rights for all artworks and designs and use is strictly prohibited without written permission. Below you can find usage terms for different uses, which if followed, allow limited use of The Forgotten Goddess™ artworks.

No Commercial Use without Licensing Contract

You may not redistribute, reproduce, make derivative works or otherwise use the images under copyright of The Forgotten Goddess™ outside of the terms of use on this page. Images may not be sold or used in any way, including but not limited to, the selling of products, or in connection with the promotion of any type of product or sales. Furthermore, no use of any image may infringe upon the rights of existing or potential licensees of The Forgotten Goddess™ artworks.
You are not permitted to use The Forgotten Goddess™ images to manufacture your own products for sale in any form or through any market such as ebay or elsewhere without a signed Licensing Agreement from The Forgotten Goddess™. It is a serious infringement of our copyright to do this.
You are not permitted to use The Forgotten Goddess™ images as part of your online auction templates or as part of your online shop logo. The Forgotten Goddess™ artworks may not be used for any business logo, stationary, promotional material or signage.

Use of artwork for a non profit or charity event

Please contact The Forgotten Goddess™ about these as usages differ. You may be offered purchase of Forgotten Goddess™ merchandise at wholesale rates for suitable quantities or a limited usage agreement. However, in respect to manufacturer’s licensing contracts and properties ownership, free use of The Forgotten Goddess™ artworks for some items is not permitted.
Terms for Using Artwork in 
Graphics/Tags/Tubes/ Blogs/Avatars/PSP/Etc
Please contact The Forgotten Goddess™ about these as usages differ.

Use of The Forgotten Goddess’ Artworks on Websites

The Forgotten Goddess™ artworks may only be used as part of an artwork or related theme (eg, fantasy, new age, pagan, woman empowering) web page, and may not be used in any way that is unrelated to The Forgotten Goddess™ artworks, causes and themes. The images must not be seen as endorsing or associated with any other entity, person or organization without written licensing agreement, and are only for use on personal websites. The website must not be offensive or promote offensive materials including but not limited to prejudice, porn, drugs or other such themes.
The Forgotten Goddess reserves the right to revoke, amend or alter this license on an individual basis at any time. The following terms must be followed as part of this usage:

- Do not alter the image IN ANY WAY. Do not remove the copyright banner. All images must fairly represent the original work and be used in their entirety without tampering, additions, cropping or other manipulation that would affect the integrity of the artwork.
- The webpage which displays the image or artwork must link to and visibly acknowledge The Forgotten Goddess™ intellectual ownership of the image. The following statement is acceptable for this purpose “Artwork by The Forgotten Goddess™©”


The name and phrase The Forgotten Goddess™ is Trademarked. Any use of our name, logo or the phrase ‘The Forgotten Goddess’ for commercial use is strictly prohibited without express permission from The Forgotten Goddess™.

Your Privacy:

The Forgotten Goddess™ respects you as the Goddess that you are, and will not share or sell any personal information we may obtain, including but not limited to your name, email address or telephone number. We may, at times, send news and information that we think may be of interest to you about The Forgotten Goddess™ and our related artists and/or causes. You may opt out of any emails at any time.

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