Guest Gallery Artist Tammy Mae Moon

We’d like to welcome our very first artist:  The amazing Tammy Mae Moon.  Born in the Ozarks and currently living in Kentucky she is a self taught artist and we are some of her biggest fans!  View her artwork in our guest gallery at: We hope you love her art as much as we do!


In her own words:


I am a self taught artist currently living in Kentucky.  I loved to draw ladies in medieval clothing when I was young.  I was also completely fascinated with the natural world and my connection to it even when I was very young.  I have always felt that this connection to nature was somehow a mystical one.  I have a deep passion for mythology and history, and have been reading myths for as long as I can remember.  I studied Antiquities and Anthropology in college.  I spent some time working as a massage therapist and became a Reiki Master after college.  It was through this combination of working as a healer and then becoming a mother that I reconnected with my urge to create, to draw, and to paint.

I am always developing my skills as an artist, and find inspiration in every minute of my existence. I work mainly with acrylic paint, but sometimes break out the soft pastels. I like to combine elements of fantasy, remodernism, and even some Pop Surrealism in my paintings. The biggest theme within my work is the sacred feminine. We are all in need of massive healing within our feminine psyche. I try to work with strong feminine archetypal symbols. I use bright colors and pastels to invoke our feminine consciousness.

I believe how we treat nature is truly a reflection of how women are treated and respected. In this current time of ecological crisis, I want to reconnect this relationship of women and nature in our conscious minds through my art. I want my work to rattle our memories of our ancestors and of times long forgotten in history. I am always painting some archetype or another of the goddess, even if it isn’t immediately apparent in the work. Sometimes my work contains layers of symbolism, and other times I keep it simple; relying on the soul of the subject to speak to the viewer.

Please feel free to check out more of my paintings at


We will be featuring new artists’ Goddess inspired art by women all over the world on our site.  Please send us your work and help us spread the word – We are all Goddesses!  We would love to see representations of Goddesses from all over the world, The Orisha’s from Africa, Sumerian, Greek, Asian, Hindi, Polynesian… Let us help you showcase your work!


Students from my alma mater’s Parsons School of Design and Otis College of Art & Design and of course CSUN who helped with our branding and web design!! we want to see your art in our galleries!


Let us know what you think about Tammy’s art, we always love your comments!









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