Domestic Violence or Artistic Expression?

We were recently shocked and surprised to see photography depicting a young actress posing with a black eye, with her hands tied by an iron cord.  Is this artistic expression?  High fashion? What sort of message is popular media sending with images like this?  I have to say we were very disturbed by this… making domestic violence fashionable, sexy, acceptable in any way is a giant step backwards.


The image I am referring to can be viewed here: .  Please take a look at the link above and let us know your thoughts and feelings… we would love to start a conversation.



Putting an end to domestic violence is a cause that we support.  As a matter of fact, Forgotten Goddess artist and partner Russelle Marcato Westbrook did a piece specifically about domestic violence.  Yes, it is meant to shock and even offend… that was the point… that domestic violence against any woman (or child or man) is unacceptable, offensive, shocking.


You can read more on our Madonna with the black eye here:


The Forgotten Goddess supports the safety and empowerment of all women as the Goddesses they are! Join us in ending domestic violence!







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