Interview with Priestess & Healer Brandi Auset

We thought it would be nice to interview some of the women who inspire us… to share their thoughts and journeys, and hopefully inspire all of you as well!  For our first interview, Russelle interviewed Priestess and Healer Brandi Auset. ... Click Here to read more >

Domestic Violence or Artistic Expression?

We were recently shocked and surprised to see photography depicting a young actress posing with a black eye, with her hands tied by an iron cord.  Is this artistic expression?  High fashion? What sort of message is popular media sending... Click Here to read more >

Guest Gallery Artist Tammy Mae Moon

We’d like to welcome our very first artist:  The amazing Tammy Mae Moon.  Born in the Ozarks and currently living in Kentucky she is a self taught artist and we are some of her biggest fans!  View her artwork in... Click Here to read more >

Welcome to The Forgotten Goddess

Welcome to the Forgotten Goddess!  We are so excited to launch our new site on this beautiful Summer Solstice!  We wanted to use our first blog to introduce The Forgotten Goddess, tell you a little about the company and to... Click Here to read more >

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